Passion Passport Post: The Benevolence of Strangers (Part II)


This border crossing was rumored to be friendly; our guidebook even told us that we might receive a bottle of wine upon entrance. It also provided an opportunity to swim in the Black Sea; while we waited two hours to cross the border, we all took turns jumping off the rocks right near the border into the water. Our spirits and moods were immediately lifted after the fresh ocean rinse; it was our shower for the week.

Unfortunately, when our turn was called, we learned that our guidebook could not have been more wrong. The border guards instructed the four Americans in our party to walk across the border; our Kuwaiti team member was told to drive the van through. Within twenty minutes, the four of us were in Georgia, sipping on beers and taunting Khaled via text message to hurry up so we could get to the pillar monastery by sunset. Then, I got a frantic phone call...

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